1998 The beginning of a passion , the beginning of a journey .

Through several private events got Markus, a boy from Bielefeld, his first challenge in 2001 in Bielefeld Hechelei . Right time, right place , he took advantage of this opportunity and became the resident DJ for 2 years. Following a growing interest : various clubs and discos in East Westphalia were sonicated by Him , Dj won contests and acquaintances linked the hold to this day.

Musically, he saw himself always with the current floating in the crowd , audience -oriented, always up to date , but without forgetting the milestones in music history - even if the love of vocal and disco house a little more prominent hebte as to other areas.

2006 Dj project was " Bendlin ² " called by his brother Florian to life. This name should be the long term a real brand , but the brothers managed to finally breakthrough in the major clubs and parties all over OWL .

Major clubs , Protect and folk festivals , weddings, birthdays , clubs, Markus was to be found everywhere at once .

Influenced by the development of music in 2008 from a party series name "Celebrate Youth " was launched where there should be only to hear vocal and disco house and vinyl records were at the center . a milestone as many say , a whim as some thought , a fixed size as now all know .

2012 Markus chose a new single Dj name " Embique " to assume we would just enrich the nights .

So it is now just not a new chapter but , usual quality in new garb.

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